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Bird Feeders

No matter where you live, you can put food outside your door, and some feathered creature will show its appreciation and make an appearance. That is all it will take. Once you get started, it is hard to stop.

Before you know it, you will be learning bird names and soon begin to recognize individuals and their songs.

When you get to the point where you want to attract and keep a particular species returning, what you do will be determined by where you live, and the time of year. Particular birds perfer certain types of bird feeders and feed. See our sections on type of feeders to use and our section on bird feeding to choose the correct food to put out to attract particular birds.

You can start at any time of the year and if you enjoy feeding birds, there is no reason to stop. You can keep your bird feeder up year round. If you keep your feeding station clean, there is no reason for you to stop feeding suet, sunflower, millet, fruit and nectar.

Made in USA indicates that this product is custom hand crafted at time of order.

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