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Tips for bird feeding to help you get started


Before you install your feeder put a little time into selecting just the right spot. Where do you want to watch your birds? Perhaps out your kitchen window, bedroom window or patio? Location is important and putting a little time into making your selection can pay big benefits later. You may also want to visit our page on how to select a particular type of feeder.

In addition to your viewing, keep the little guys in mind. Consider a location that will have year round access to both you and the birds. Don't pick somewhere during the winter that my be overgrown with vines and scrubs next spring. Also, select a place that is convenient to YOU. It should have year round access to you so that you can get to it to add additional feed and to clean. If it is far away or inconvenient to get to during bad weather, you may not want to make the trip out to fill it up. Also, consider the mess factor. You don't want a cleanup problem on your hands.

Try to protect the feeder from those pesky squirrels. They are tricky little guys and can get into things that you would think would be impossible. If at all possible, mount your feeder on a metal pole, preferrably with a baffle. Place the feeder approximately 10 feet from tree limbs or trunks.


Expect bird droppings, feathers and left over food messes. It is a good idea to keep the ground area around the feeder as clean as possilbe. Birds will kick out seeds than can attract rodents and other pests. Another reason to chose your location carefully. You should clean your feeder once per month or after a heavy rain. Every month or so clean the feeder with a bleach/water solution mixing 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. Allow the feeder to dry thoroughly before replacing with fresh feed.

Food Varieties

Black Oil sunflower seeds is a favorite of almost all birds. If you use mix seed, be prepared for birds to kick out the seeds that they don't refer to get to get to others, so be prepared for a bit more mess.

What to feed

Cardnals Sunflower, safflower
Chickadees Sunflower, safflower, suet (you can make your own suet cakes, click here to see how)
Finches Sunflower, safflower, mittel, thistle
Grackle Sunflower, cracked corn
Jays Sunflower, whole cord, milo, suet (you can make your own suet cakes, click here to see how)
Orioles Suet
Sparrows Sunflower, whole cord, mittel
Woodpecker Sunflower, suet (you can make your own suet cakes, click here to see how)

Made in USA indicates that this product is custom hand crafted at time of order.

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