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NWTF IdentiFlyer System

Proceeds benefit NWTD Wild turkey conservation and hunting heritage

Featuring live turkey calls from the wild calls made by National Chmpions for diaphragm and Friction Calls

NWTF IdentiFlyer System

  • It's rugged, portable, and simple to operate. It's easy to randomly access all of the 30 recorder calls.
  • No other product allows the hunter to play and listen to 30 recordings so simply and easily:
  • 10 real turkey and 5 locator calls.
  • 10 turkey calls and 5 locator calls created by champion turkey calls.
  • Uses real turkey call recordings from around the wild. The hunter can attract more turkeys and maximizes his time and money investment and by mimicking real calls rather than other hunters.
  • The NWTF IdentiFlyer also includes the recordings of champion turkey callers. Opposite each of the 10 wild turkey calls are the same calls made by the Sting Team.
  • "The NWTF Turkey Calling Secrets and Strategies" includes more information about the meaning of each call, and how and when to use them.
  • The NWTF IdentiFlyer appeals to hunters of all levels of expertise.
  • Includes: 3 Calling cards for the 10 Turkey calls and 1 with 5 locator calls, a guide that includes tips to improve calling skills. 3 AAA batteries, an ear bud so the user can listen to the calls without disturbing others.
  • The NWTF IdentiFlyer can also be used by the whole family during the rest of the year to identify bird songs. 25 other Song Cards are available.

Model IF30
Price $29.95

Made in USA indicates that this product is custom hand crafted at time of order.

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